Challenges Facility for Civil Society (CFCS), Round -12

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Project Goal :

To develop and implement a right-based and gender-responsive TB responses, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the National TB strategy to end TB by the year 2030.

Project Objective:

  1. To Promote Community Engagement through active participation and involvement of all community members, including Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and untouchable communities.
  2. To ensure Right-based TB Response including rights of all individuals to receive equitable healthcare services.
  3. To reduce stigma and discrimination by promoting gender Transformative TB Responses addressing the unique challenges faced by women, girls, and other gender minorities within these marginalized communities by deploying skilled and efficient workforce .

Activities of the project :

1) Community Awareness :

1.1 Conduct Awareness meeting with Community People to sensitize community members about the rights of people with TB and challenges faced by PwDs and untouchable communities.

1.2 Conduct Community Campaign and IEC mateirals distribution among the people for mass awareness on TB Prevention and rights of people with TB.

2) Capacity Building Training

2.1 Conduct Capacity building training and skill development opportunities for individuals from marginalized communities and PwDs for empowering them to participate in decision-making processes

2.2 Conduct Training with Community people, Community Health Workers on human rights, Gender Equity and promote equal participation for People with TB so that they can claim their rights independently to the service providers and the Government.

3) Advocacy Workshop

3.1 Organize Workshop with TB Service Providers and Community Health Workers to equal access in TB services with full of dignity

3.2 Conduct Advocacy and Policy Dialogue engaging with policymakers and stakeholders to advocate for the rights and inclusion of marginalized communities and PwDs in development plans and policies.

3.3 Conduct Advocacy meeting with various stakeholders and women led organization to promote gender-transformative interventions to empower women and gender minorities within these communities.

3.4 Organize Workshop with 60 School Teachers, Community Leaders, Religious Leaders, Local Elected Body and other stakeholders for stigma assessment and prevention.

4) Community Campaigns and Social Media Campaign :

4.1 Project organizes community-focused campaigns to raise awareness about TB, its prevention, and treatment. These campaigns include public awareness sessions, distribution of educational materials, and engagement with community leaders to foster understanding and support for TB control measures.

4.2 Project also organize social media campaign involving social media activist and training to the social media activist , share different event to the social media for capturing social media community

5) World TB Day Celebration:

Celebrate World TB Day 2024 with community People including local CSO, TB community and schools/College, so that everyone knows about TB, transmission, treatment, complication and TB CRG which will help reduce stigma among TB patients.

Samprity Aid Foundation Celebrated World TB Day with Government and CSO Stakeholders.

6) 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

Take part Global campaign on ” 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence ” from 25 November to 10 December engaging women with TB, Women with Disabilities and other stakeholders.

7) Joining Regular Calls of GFAN:

Samprity Aid Foundation is a member of the Global Fund Advocacy Network (GFAN). We actively participate in regular calls conducted by GFAN to stay updated on global TB advocacy initiatives, share best practices, and contribute to the development of effective advocacy strategies for TB control and funding.

8) Case Studies of TB Patients:

We conduct case studies of TB patients to document their experiences, challenges faced, and the impact of TB on their lives. These case studies serve as powerful advocacy tools to raise awareness, eliminate stigma, and highlight the importance of community rights and gender equality in providing comprehensive care and support to TB patients.

9) District Level Seminar

Organize District Level Seminar with 50 Civil society, Policy Makers and High Level official from Ministry of Health, NTP Representative, District Health Official, Medical Professional

10) International Seminar

Participate International Seminar/Conference on TB CRG and new drug, diagnosis, treatment and prevention for knowledge sharing and learning