One in four women and girls face gender-based violence (GBV) in rural areas of Bangladesh, according to screening data obtained by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) from its female clients. From June 2018 to March 2022, the NGO has reached more than 36,000 people with GBV response and prevention services in the country. Out of all the women and girls who consented to discuss their experiences and were provided with case management and referral support by IRC, 54 % reported having experienced physical assault.  Another 17 % reported denial of resources, opportunities and services by a domestic partner, 26 % reported psychological or emotional abuse, 2 % reported rape, and 1 % reported of sexual assault, including unwanted touching or rape attempts.  An IRC report on Ramu and Chakaria found that 90% of women were survivors of violence at the hands of their partners, while 69% of women who were survivors of gender-based violence were not safe in their own homes due to violence inflicted by intimate partners and family members.
According to an analysis by the NGO, 48% of the perpetrators  of GBV in the host community  are unemployed. The economic depression due to Covid-19 and violent behaviour are closely related. Very few reported cases on forced or early marriage have been received,  whereas the prevalence of early marriage is alarmingly high, according to various safety audits and assessments conducted by IRC.