Samprity Welfare School Hosts Memorable Day for Rishilpi International Onlus Rector and Italian Friends

In a heartwarming and joyous event, the students and staff of Samprity Welfare School for Speech and Hearing Impaired Children welcomed esteemed guests, Rector of Rishilpi International Onlus, Laura Melano, along with her Italian friend, Teresa Bacchi, and Silvia, on July 20, 2020. The visit was aimed at fostering connections, celebrating inclusivity, and appreciating the exceptional efforts of the Samprity Aid Foundation.

The distinguished visitors were greeted with enthusiasm and excitement as they arrived at the school. The students had organized a grand reception, showcasing their talents through various performances that left the guests mesmerized. The vibrant atmosphere was filled with the sounds of joy, laughter, and applause, as the children expressed their gratitude for the special guests’ visit.

Laura Melano, with a warm smile on her face, expressed her gratitude for the invitation and praised the Samprity Aid Foundation’s efforts in empowering and educating hearing-impaired children. She emphasized the importance of inclusive education and how it plays a pivotal role in nurturing talents and building confidence among differently-abled children.

Teresa Bacchi, visibly moved by the dedication and passion of the school’s faculty, commended the teachers for their commitment to providing quality education to the students. She highlighted the significance of creating a supportive environment where children can flourish despite their challenges.

Silvia, touched by the love and affection shown by the students, spent time engaging with each child individually. Through sign language and gestures, she communicated her admiration for their courage and resilience.

The visit included an interactive session where the esteemed guests visited classrooms and observed the teaching methods tailored to suit the unique needs of the students. Laura Melano, Teresa Bacchi, and Silvia actively participated in class lessons, exchanging knowledge and experiences with both students and teachers.

The day was filled with delightful activities, with everyone joining in signing and dancing sessions. Language barriers were bridged, and the universal language of music and movement allowed for a profound connection among all present.

As the visit came to an end, Laura Melano, Teresa Bacchi, and Silvia were presented with handmade artworks and cards, reflecting the heartfelt appreciation of the students. The gifts served as a reminder of the positive impact their visit had on the children’s lives.

The event concluded with the promise of continued support and collaboration between Rishilpi International Onlus and Samprity Aid Foundation. The day will forever remain etched in the hearts of both the guests and the students, as a testimony to the power of compassion and understanding.

The Samprity Welfare School for Speech and Hearing Impaired Children continues to be a beacon of hope and a safe haven for students with special needs, thanks to the unwavering support of organizations like Rishilpi International Onlus and compassionate individuals like Laura Melano, Teresa Bacchi, and Silvia.

Celebrate World TB Day 2023

Samprity Aid Foundation organized discussion meeting with TB Community, Women Community, Hospitals Staff of IACIB and other stakeholders to celebrate World TB Day 2023on 24 March 2023. Purpose of the event is to create   awareness on TB treatment, promote rights of TB Community, reduce harmful gender norms and enabling support for TB treatment.  To observe the events a discussion meeting was conducted at Civil Surgeon Office Satkhira .

A colourful Rally march the different road of Satkhira Municipality.   About 500 people attended the program.

World TB Day Celebration Rally

Rally March the different road of Satkhira Municipality