Disability Welfare Project

Project Name: Disability Welfare Project
Funded by:

  • Samprity Aid Foundation has started its journey with an intervention for children with disabilities education and it has established a school named “Samprity Welfare School for Speech and Hearing Impaired Children (SWS-SHIC)”. There are 70 students got admission in the school and they are under care and education. Aim of the project is to prepare children with Disability to overcome the future challenges using their own potentiality and capacity. The school is devided into two section such as Primary Section ( Nursury to Five) and Secondary Section ( Class VI to Class VIII)

Samprity Aid Foundation adopted rights-based approaches in project implementation focusing human values. Our strategy is child Centre community development to make children as future change agent in the society and the state. 

Blanket, Winter Dress and Educational materials distribution

 Samprity Welfare School for Speech and Hearing Impaired Children(SWS-SHIC)  has distributed Blanket, Winter dress and Education Materials to the students of that school on 19.12.2020. The member of SMC came to the distribution program and handed over all materials to the student. Total of 70 students have received 01 Blanket, 01 Winter dress (Sweater-Red Color), 03Khata, 02 Pens, 01 Pencil, 01 Eraser and 01 Sharpener.
All 70 parents/Guardians were present in the distribution session. Parents of students gave their heartfelt thanks to the donors for their kind support to their children. 

Relief Goods Distribution
Samprity Aid Foundation has distributed relief goods ( food Commodities during Corona pandemic and about 70 families got the support in a packages including rice, oil, salt, hygienic kits and other essentials. The poor and vulnerable families got benefit from the support. In addition Samprity Aid has provide medical treatment and essential medicine to the sick people.