Promoting Education Rights of Girls with Disabilities by Preventing Sexual Harassment, Abuse and Exploitation

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Project Name:

Promoting Education Rights of Girls with by preventing sexual harassment, abuse and exploitatio

Project Objective:
1)To ensure equal access to education for Girls with disabilities, ensuring essential safeguards
2)To prevent sexual harassment and any sort of violence against girls with disability by responding appropriately
3) To promote education rights of girls with disabilities

Project Brief:

Samprity Aid Foundation is implementation a project called “Promoting Education Rights of Girls with by preventing sexual harassment, abuse and exploitation” funded by CFLI, High Commission of Canada in Bangladesh. Key mandate of proposed project is to ensure equal access in education for Girl with Disabilities ensuring essential safeguard. Goal of the project is to prevent sexual harassment and any sort of violence of girl Children with Deaf and Dumb responding appropriately. Project will ensure safe travel of girl children to school using school bus from distance village. It will also create enabling support from guardians and social stakeholders, law enforcement agency to prevent girl with deaf and dumb from all sorts of violence (Sexual Violence) way to school at home and the community.

Long term result of the project is:

⦁ Girl children with disabilities are enjoying school in safe environment and complete their secondary education.
⦁ Girl children are inclusive in mainstream of education in college level ( from Class -11)
⦁ Girls with disabilities will enjoy equal rights in the family and community.
⦁ Girls are safe and protected during travel to school, at home and in the community.
⦁ Supportive environment created in the society to allow disabled children in education.
⦁ Parents, Social Stakeholders and Law enforcement agency will become supportive to protect children from all sorts of violence.
⦁ School Management Committee is found active and supportive to promote education rights of deaf and dumb children.

Our ultimate goal is to contribute UNSDG-4 “Quality Education for all”. It is not possible to reach UNSDG keeping girl children out from the education/school. The project will also contribute to the UNSDG-5 “Gender Equality” as our project will ensure equal rights for the girls with deaf and dumb and they will have equal access in mainstream of development. We want to see a society where girls with disability enjoying life equal to others.