Promote Secondary Education for Speech and Hearing Impaired Children

Project Name: Promote secondary education for Speech and Hearing Impaired children

Funded by : Humanity Beyond Barrier (HBB), Inc, USA

Project Goal:

Promoting Education rights for Speech and Hearing Impaired children


⦁ To establish a high school named “Samprity Welfare School for Speech and Hearing Impaired Children” where Speech and Hearing Impaired children are enrolled from class six to class ten.
⦁ To enhance capacity and accessibility in mainstream of education from 11th class and vocational trade after completion of secondary education.
⦁ To ensure quality of life with social inclusion and rehabilitation equal to others.

Samprity Aid Foundation has established a primary school for the children with speech and hearing impaired where 70 children are enrolling. Objective of the school is to promote education rights of speech and hearing impaired children and inclusive them in general education. We have started primary section and gradually we want to expand the education in secondary level. Our aim is to access in secondary education and complete SSC (Secondary School Certificate) examination. Our ultimate goal is to inclusive students with college and university education.

We observed that many students completed primary education and lack of proper guidance and accessibility maximum of them dropped out from secondary education and leading a vulnerable life. However, we have decided to open high school section in January 2022. We have started with class six but gradually we shall open another class step by step.
Aim of the project is to establish high school for speech and hearing impaired children and link it with the Government services such as MPO registration or school may run with the support of Ministry of social welfare. So that school become sustains and run without donor support. We have five years plan to reach our goal.