Samprity Disability Research and Rehabilitation Institute (SDRRI)

Project Goal :

Social Inclusion of Persons with Disability maximizing their physical ability and accessibility to the services both in Government and Non-Government.


  1. To provide Physiotherapy for Maximizing their physical ability and ensure physical rehabilitation.
  2. To Provide special education to the children with disabilities aiming to inclusive them in general education.
  3. To Provide Occupational therapy to the children with Disability for enhance Activities Daily Living (ADL)
  4. To Promote equail rights and opportunity of Persons with Disabilities for their inclusion in the society and state.

Samprity Disability Rehabilitation, Research and Inclusion (SDRRI) Project is a new initiative that holds a crucial purpose and serves as a necessary endeavor to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities. This project aims to  improve the quality of life and social inclusion of people with disabilities in own community through a comprehensive rehabilitation program that provides access to physiotherapy, occupational therapy, special education and inclusive community-based programs.”. The project is located at Gopalgonj district.