Samprity Welfare School for Speech and Hearing Impaired Children

Funded by :


Project Goal:

Promote education of Speech and Hearing Impaired Children and inclusive them in general education.


  1. To establish a high school named “Samprity Welfare School for Speech and Hearing Impaired Children” where Speech and Hearing Impaired children are enrolled from class One to class ten.
  2. To enhance capacity and accessibility in mainstream of education from 11th class and vocational trade after completion of secondary education.
  3. To ensure quality of life with social inclusion and rehabilitation equal to others.

Activities of the Project:

  • Provide school support (School Dress, Shoes, Bags, Stationary) to the Speech and Hearing Impaired students of Class six and end of year they promoted to class seven.
  • Provide nutrition support to the students for their physical and mental growth.
  • Provide transport support to the students to ensure they are attending school properly.
  • Paid Salary including a festival grant for Teachers and staffs they provided quality of services for the school.
  • Paid house rent for the school house to ensure effective class room arrangement.
  • Ensure logistic support for the school such as electricity bill, stationary and learning materials. 
  • Celebrate National and International day with Children and community people .
  • Arrange extra Curriculum activities with the students for exploring their creativity and innovation.

Samprity Education Program